Menetekel Film
Maarten Isaäk de Heer

Sewanstrasse 122
10319, Berlin

+49 30 297788829

Menetekel Film

animation studio - 2D tradigital - experimental - fulldome - VR animation - art - commissions

SWARM      (2022)     360° animation,  Fulldome/ VR, 8K,  14:30


Swarming is a behavioral phenomenon to survive,
but more than often, it is a prelude for extinction.

Fly with the flock as they travel  from Germany, over the Alps, to the Mediteranean Sea.
Small birds migrating over exhausted and exploited landscapes.
Robins, tits and sparrows do not usually migrate this far, but in a near future, they might.

Swarm offers a bird's eye's view over landscapes of threedimensional photocollages that show a part of Europe after climate change.

Animated in VR: Quill

Photogrammetry models scanned from Google Earth


A film by Maarten Isaäk de Heer

Production: Menetekel Film
Producer: Evelyn Brancard

(c) Berlin 2022




Siberia Fulldomefestival. September 13-16, 2022

Macon Film Festival, 18-21 august 2022
Fulldome Festival, Jena 12.05.2022

SAT Fest,  Montreal  8 - 12  march 2022
Animafest Zagreb, 6-12 June 2022

'Migrations' exhibition, Virtual Museum of the Anthropocene,  april-july 2022

River Film Festival, Italy, 1-12 June 2022

KABOOM Animation Festival, Amsterdam  28 march - 3 April 2022



Best of VR -  Kaboom Animation Festival 2022

Prix d'originalité -  SAT fest 2022